What is the importance of Ridge vent for the roof?

A ridge vent is considered to be a very important part of the roof as it helps to ventilate the attic space and roof in a right way. 

A ridge vent in general is installed at the roof peak where the two sloped sides ends meet. In general, it is capped alongside a material that blends with the rest of the roof. Thus, it almost becomes invisible for the eyes that is not trained. 

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So, in this blog, we would be discussing about the importance of Ridge vent for the roof. Let us have a look:- 

There are a number of benefits of having the ridge vent installed for the roof. Let us have a look:- 

  • It helps out in balancing the home temperature 

Irrespective how powerful your air conditioner is, the upstairs and attic are bond to get hotter during the month of summer. So, if the ridge vent is installed, then hot air can be escaped through the attic. In this way, your air conditioner won’t have to work harder. 

  • It can safeguard the shingles 

The heat that comes from the attic can potentially bake the shingles and thus it can wrinkle and age prematurely. So, if Ridge vent is installed, then all these problems would be avoided. 

  • It helps in improving the energy efficiency 

Ridge vent doesn’t consume any kind of electricity and the best part is that it can work on its own. Hence, it needs little to no maintenance. Other than this, the workload of the HVAC system is also reduced while decreasing the energy cost. 

  • The lifespan of the roofing system is increased 

Ridge vent can help to keep the attic dry and cool at all the time and thus it prevents mildew and mould growth. Other than this, the condition of the roof is also maintained. 

Final Verdict 

Installing a ridge vent is perhaps a simple yet an effective way through which the rest of your home as well as the attic can be cooled. However, if you want to install it in a right way, then right equipment and skills would be needed. So, in such a scenario all your work should be better left to be done by professionals.

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